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Beyond the Shelves

How SMC utilized unmatched visibility on Daraz​

The Challenge

In the fiercely competitive landscape of diaper and sanitary napkin product categories, achieving visibility and driving sales on e-commerce platforms posed a formidable challenge for SMC. Despite offering compelling commercial deals, SMC’s brands grappled with securing a distinct presence on e-commerce platforms, necessitating a strategic resolution.

The Results​

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Sales Uplift
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Average Monthly ROI​

The Approach​

A strategic collaboration was formed between Asiatic MCL and Daraz, where advanced marketing solutions were harnessed. In-depth analysis of the e-commerce buyer’s journey led to the identification of two pivotal solutions. Firstly, Display Splash Ads were strategically deployed within relevant categories, delivering an immersive full-screen ad experience just before purchase decisions to secure Top-of-Mind Awareness. Complementing this, Search Ads were strategically placed, ensuring prominent brand visibility when users initiated relevant searches, targeting lower-funnel engagement during critical decision-making moments. This dual-strategy resulted in a remarkable surge in brand visibility and led to a substantial increase in online conversions.