Asiatic 3Sixty


Every company needs an identity. And we build that identity by building brands using creative solutions to solve business challenges and ideate our clients’ future. We exist to help companies navigate the market, and drive long-term growth.

We have an edge on developing interactive plans through partnerships with local and international social shapers, creating a deep relationship between the brands and consumers. We use the insights from our social data to develop social strategies, run campaigns, deliver contagious content, manage communities and measure success.

We connect consumers with brands through experiential activities that transcends conventional means of interaction. These immersive experiences leverage Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, as well as interactive live entertainment or IOT innovations. We aim to connect people to brands in a way that inspires and requires action.

Being the oldest communication agency in Bangladesh and leveraging the affiliation with J. Walter Thompson, we have developed and exploited new quantitative and qualitative research techniques to understand cultures, brands and consumer motivation.

We create cultures and in turn we attract, inspire and empower the best talents to innovate and drive the business. We build and grow through our culture.

We provide top-notch web design services and solutions for UI/UX,  eCommerce, Mobile, Web app, AR/VR/MR and more. With decades of experience , we can help you with all of your technology needs.

With the country shifting towards becoming a digital Bangladesh and actively connecting online, we build brands for digital, using innovation, analytics and creativity.

We make effective campaigns by reaching out to our audience through the right platforms by the careful planning and media buying, optimizing our brands’ messages.

We are always exploring cultural shifts, trends and technological advancements, transforming them into opportunities for our clients.

Our marketing solutions are inspired by innovative applications of data and technology.

Being the oldest communication agency in Bangladesh and through affiliation with one of the oldest agencies in the world, J. Walter Thompson, we have accumulated a massive sector and market expertise. We give our clients a unique advantage, leveraging our knowledge and works with government, health, sports, retail and more.

We build and nurture customer relationships through CRM that carry our client’s business forward. We have expert and experienced resources with full capacity to handle 24/7 CRM services, managing consumer through highly advanced Social CRM tool and international social monitoring & listening tool to ensure maximum result. We monitor & maintain brand image, handle online crisis & reputation, analyze consumer, industry data and insights to fuel the business growth which help team to lead better business.