Asiatic Unplugged Season 1

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Asiatic Unplugged Season 1

Asiatic MCL – one of the best creative agencies of the country emboldens the individuals of versatile talents. It will not be an exaggeration at all if someone states that Asiatic MCL is a sacred temple of entertainers, artists and creative intellectuals. Apart from badass workmanship, each and every soul of Asiatic MCL has an innate artistry beyond compare. That being so, on January the 18th 2018, for the first time ever in the history of Asiatic Marketing Communication Limited, a mind blowing musical gala – “Asiatic Unplugged Season 1” took place at the basement of Asiatic Center where the inhouse singers and musicians performed and dazzled the audience.

The artists who performed were from different wings of Asiatic MCL . Sara Zaker started the show off at 7:30 PM with her lovely inaugural speech. The show kicked off right after the speech with Taswar Hossain’s mind-blowing Latin cover – “El Mariachi”, followed by Syed Shadhin’s interesting fusion cover of “Despacito”. Up next Nawshin Nawal came on to the stage and beautifully performed “Shonaro Palonker Ghore” and “Hotel California” with Taswar Hossain. Rushnaf Wadud from Radio Shahdin swept the audience off their feet with his outlandish indie song covers. Then Farhana Islam Shurovi performed two aesthetic Bengali songs – “Purano Shei Diner Kotha” and “Shona Diya Bandhaiyachi Ghor”. The YouTube celebrity Shoumik Ahmed alias Halal Swag performed “Amay Deko Na”, “Tomar Ghore Bash Kore” and “Bhalobasha Tarpor”. Apurba Karmakar’s “Hallelujah” cover was exceptionally remarkable. He also performed one of his original tracks titled “Caramel”. Epon Shamsul covered some modern Bengali songs. Up next Maisha Aniqa enchanted the audience with her “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” cover followed by Dido’s “Thank You” cover. Then, Fauzia Karim took to the stage and she literally hypnotized everyone by her breathtaking cover of “Bhindeshi Tara”.

The dedicated guitarists of the show were Navid Imtiaz Chowdhury, Mohammad Ashraful Haque Arnob, Apurbo Karmakar and Taswar Hossain. Aditya Kabir got onto the stage on special request and entertained the audience with a beautiful song. Avishek Bhattacharjee enthralled the crowd with his Assamese folk songs. The enthusiastic listeners went almost crazy. Lastly the vocal and guitarist of “The Surrogate Band” – Neville Ferdous Hasan came to rock the stage. Iresh Zaker joined him shortly and the duo started jamming on the spur of the moment. Everyone was in awe of Iresh Zaker’s unpredicted entry and spectacular performance. The performers and the crowd were so indulged that it seemed impossible to end the show. Nevertheless, the show eventually had to end.

It was a successful show considering the spontaneous participation, diversity of genres, selection of splendid songs and quite flawless staging. The energetic and interactive audience made the show more vibrant. Iftekher Rajib Rupai and Sajid Bari are the ones who initiated and organized the entire event. They also were the MCs of the show. The instant audience reactions were overwhelming. Sharmin Rahman said, “Guys! Please do it again! Make it a regular thing may be!” Yashna Islam said, “Thank you so much for putting up so much effort and arranging such a great unplugged session!” Apparently, the crowd demands a “Session 2” in next to no time.