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Our Legacy of Balance

Our Legacy of Balance Banner

I was asked to write a blog on how Asiatic has managed to be one of the most gender-neutral agency in this male-dominated industry in Bangladesh.

Here comes the Heroes

Here comes the hereos

During my twelve years in Asiatic MCL, I have been blessed to come across great super heroes of this universe.

A Place I Call Home

A Place I Call Home - 01

We human being need a lot of belongingness. May be that’s what we call our Tribal Instinct.

Welcome to the Madness

Welcome to the Madness

The building is tucked away in an alley. At first glance you notice a row of normal buildings shadowed by trees

Asiatic Unplugged Season 1

Asiatic MCL – one of the best creative agencies of the country emboldens the individuals of versatile talents. It will …

Where Superheroes Go To Work

Where Heros Goes to Work

Imagine all the superheroes going to the same office for their day jobs. That’s how I often feel working at Asiatic …

The Proud Paws of Asiatic

The Proud Paws of Asiatic

The day starts early for us. One might argue that we get 2 days of weekend which might be rare somewhere else but as …